On submission:

Crushing Snails, horror/suspense

It started with small deaths. Insects, snails, a cat, a stray dog. Moving on to suffocation. Intrusive thoughts and quiet reenactments of all the years of abuse. The evolution of a teenage killer.

Dog Milk, post-apocalyptic

The Road x Into the Forest: After a nuclear war, humanity seems doomed when babies are born either stillborn or deformed. In this exploration of grief, depression, and parenthood, a child, her mother, and an outcast are brought together to help an abandoned baby.

Seafoam Shallows, apocalyptic

A rogue planet, Eurydice IV, is headed to Earth, every living thing doomed to die. When the situation at home becomes too dangerous, Brighton and her family leave for the ultimate luxury resort, Seafoam Shallows, where patrons can spend the last of their money before being peacefully euthanized. But when clues that the rogue planet might not be what they seem, Brighton has to find the truth behind the dazzling facade of the resort.