“Please, Don’t Look Away,” Under Her Eye, a women-in-horror poetry showcase from Black Spot Books, Nov. 2023.

“Drip Drop,” Bitter Apples, Cursed Morsels Press, April 2023.

“Let a Little Air In,” Air, Eerie River Publishing, Forthcoming.

“Mother of Machines,” Obsolescence, Spring 2023.

Available at Shortwave Publishing and on Amazon

“If I Carry You,” Ooze: Little Bursts of Body Horror, March 2023.

Available on Amazon, Godless, and B&N

“Time Traveler’s Lament,” Still of Winter: An Unsettling Reads Anthology, February 2023.

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“Incandescent Heart,” Water, Eerie River Publishing, March 2023.

“Beautiful,” The Dark Side of Purity (Vol. 3, e-zine companion), December 2022.

“Take Control,” What One Wouldn’t Do, Oct. 2021.

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“Decompression,” Hundred Word Horror: The Deep, July 2021.

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“Together Again,” Hundred Word Horror: Beneath, Apr. 2021.

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