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More about me

Represented by agent Clara Chuiton of Olswanger Agency

The quick version:

I love to write macabre and unsettling stories, mainly in the horror and dark speculative fiction genres. When I’m not writing or reading, I loves playing pretend with my daughter, hiking, and being an obnoxious bard in Dungeons and Dragons.

The longer version:

With degrees in psychology and education, as well as graduate coursework in literature, I have always been intrigued by the psyche and the human condition and how these are reflected in art, specifically literature. This spurred an obsession with the morally grey characters and disturbing stories you’ll see throughout my work.

Writing is my greatest passion, and though I spent several years as an elementary teacher and greatly enjoyed teaching all of my wonderful students, I’m now following my dream to write these dark stories full time and stay home with my daughter.

You can find links to my published works under the tabs “Anthologies” and “Literary Magazines,” as well as information about my novels on submission under “Novels.”